I already have an About or Contact page - why should I use Online Business Card?

Online Business Card is a great alternative to the old About Us or Contact Us widgets and pages:
  1. Online Business Card implements best practice web designs by showcasing all your valuable business details in a single place. This makes it easy for your customers to learn the basic information about your business, and to contact you more quickly.
  2. By changing the widget size, you control what information to show, while still keeping your website's design slick.
  3. On mobile devices, clicking on the phone number or map will trigger the relevant action: calling your business or opening up the Map app on the device.
  4. Embedding your company logo is easy.
  5. Need to update a business detail? Online Business Card lets you to control everything in one place.
  6. Online Business Card automatically blends in with your your website design.

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